Optical Glass Heating Furnace
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Optical Glass Heating Furnace
光學玻璃加熱爐      Machine Model: JK-OT
Apply to forming and drying optical glass.
1. Heating: Electric heat.
2. Temperature control: Temperature is proportionally controlled and interacting with wind current generated by windmill.
3. Move in / Move out: Platform
4. Opening: The cylinder drives the furnace gate rise and fall.
5. Conveying: Driven by chains
6. Temperature Range: 25°C ~ 620°C
1. 加熱方式:電熱
2. 控溫方式:採用比例式溫度控制,配合循環風車強制對流。
3. 進出方式:棧板台車。
4. 開門方式:氣壓缸驅動爐門上門。
5. 輸送方式:鏈條輸送
6. 使用溫度範圍:25°C ~ 620°C

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