About Us

Young Jou Machinery Sdn Bhd
established on 01.02.1993. Our company committed to excellence, this reflect in quality innovation to very aspect of our business from machine design to the assembly floor, to our sale and service activities, our team of experienced professional with comprehensive knowledge of engineering.

Our company specialized in various of machine.

Main Products:

A. High Frequency, Medium Frequency, Low Frequency Induction Heating, Resistance Heating, Industry Used Heat Treatment Furnace Box Type and Continuous Type for Carbonizing, Annealing, Tempering, Brazing, Turnkey for Hot Forging Machinery.

B. Wire Drawing Machine, High / Low Carbon Steel Wire Drawing Machine, Continuous Multi Block Drawing Machine, Dipping type Wire Drawing Machine (Fine Wires), Butt Welder Machine

C. Fully Automatic Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine

D. Gear Pitch type Auto Tapping Machine and Drilling Machine, Multi Spindle Gear Pitch Auto Tapping Machine and Drilling Machine, Auto Feeding Gear Pitch Auto Tapping Machine and Drilling Machine, Custom Make Auto Gear Pitch Tapping Machine and Drilling Machine.

E. Thread Rolling Machine

F. Pneumatic and Hydraulic type Orbital Riveting Machine

G. Spot Welding Machine (AC & DC), Multi Spot Welding Machine, Custom Make Welding Machine
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